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 Some information

I am 38, live near Cologne in Germany and my main interests are
shortwave, cw (morse code), antennas, outdoor activities, emergency preparation, satellite communication

fixed antennas
13.5m endfeed with SGC 230 smarttuner, Diamond X50

emergency frequencies
3.643, 3.760, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160, 21.360, 145.500, 433.500

emergency setup
elecraft kx2 (HF), yaesu ft817nd (V/UHF), 8ah@12v battery, 40w solar panel, magnetic loop (1m dia.) with photo tripod and copper wire in various lengths

thuraya emergency phone number
+88 216 21277203

On request I will send my messaging address to InReach users

 Ionogram Juliusruh and few pics
G0LFP - Understanding Ionograms

73 es best dx de DL1JZ
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